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Request XRT: eXtraordinary Road Trip

Start your computers and let the adventure begin! XRT: eXtraordinary Road Trip is an educational computer program designed for your PC or Macintosh. XRT simulates the driving, commuting and vehicle maintenance behaviors of people. Playing alone, with a partner, or in teams, top XRT players learn how to analyze the transportation variables affecting air quality. Whether you are an experienced driver looking to enhance your eco-driving skills, an educator looking for a great way to engage your students, or someone new to the world of driving, XRT is thought-provoking, competitive and fun edutainment for drivers of all ages.

To receive your free copy today, simply send an email request to: DNRAirEducation@wisconsin.gov. Please include your name, school/organization/company, full mailing address, phone number, email address, what subject(s) you teach, how you plan to use XRT, and any comments you may have. Thank you.

Be sure to upgrade XRT by installing the version 1.1 patch (2.1meg)! Version 1.1 has more power-ups, a faster quiz section, and provides the highest quality XRT player experience. This is not a complete version of the game. Instead, it is a patch that will install on top of the already installed XRT game.