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1963: Air pollution inversion in New York leads to 405 deaths.

1963: Clean Air Act of 1963 – beginning of federal government's influence over mobile source emissions. Encouraged the development of emission control devices.

1963: California Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Act required manufacturers to install exhaust emissions control equipment on all new cars sold in California after the state had certified that feasible technology existed at reasonable cost. This led to exhaust emission equipment being installed on California vehicles during the 1966 model year.

1965: Clean Air Act amended to set hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide standards for passenger cars and light duty trucks produced for 1968 model year.

1966: Air pollution inversion in New York leads to 168 deaths.

1967: Air Quality Control Act passed by Congress, setting timetable for states to establish their own air quality standards.

1967: California Legislature establishes the Air Resources Board (ARB). Its duties include:

  • Attain and maintain healthy air quality
  • Conduct research into causes of and solution to air pollution
  • Systematically attack the serious pollution caused by motor vehicles, which (the State believes) are the cause of air pollution in California.
Air pollutions events in history
  1. 1820s-1920s
  2. 1940s-1950s
  3. 1960s
  4. 1970s-1980s
  5. 1990s
  6. 2000s