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Biodiesel—A Renewable Energy Source

Current uses

Biodiesel can be used as a pure fuel (called B100, which is 100% Biodiesel), or as a blending feedstock with petroleum diesel (for example, B20 is 20% Biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel), or in lower concentrated blends (B1 to B5).

The use of biodiesel is growing:

  • The federal government’s General Service Administration has approved the use of B20 for all government fleets.
  • The National Parks Service is converting selected transit and maintenance vehicle systems to biodiesel use.
  • The Defense Energy support Center is making B20 available at numerous government sites throughout the US. Locations range from North Carolina, New York, Florida, Texas, to California.
  • Some states have proposed biodiesel mandates in low concentration blends (B2-B5).