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XRT: eXtraordinary Road Trip Project Credits

Original Project Team
Elisabeth Olson, XRT: eXtraordinary Road Trip Project Manager, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Sara Burr, Ph.D., Manager, Air Education, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Betsy Tracy, Air Quality Specialist, Illinois Department of Transportation
Reggie Korthals, Director, Environmental Programs, Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission
Overall Project Direction, Web Site Design and Development
Knupp & Watson, Inc.
Software Development and Design
Fluid Entertainment
Giving Special Thanks to:
Producer: Jason Taylor
Designer: Scott Mathews
Lead Programmer: Brad Gianulis
Lead Artist: Mike Morehead
Additional Art: Garrick Damir
Additional Programming: Steve Ohmert
Audio: Dave Levison
Voice Talent: Nic McFiendish
Software code © 2004 Fluid Entertainment
XRT: eXtraordinary Road Trip has been funded in part by:
The United States Environmental Protection Agency – Office of Transportation and Air Quality. Special thanks to Susan Bullard, Education/Outreach Grant Program, and Kathy Mullen, USEPA Project Officer, Region 5.
The United States Department of Transportation Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Grant Program administered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Thanks to the following people and agencies who helped make this project possible!

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Content Reviewers/Advisors
Anne Bogar, Air Management, Madison
Chris Bovee, Air Management, Madison
Lindsay Haas, Communication and Education, Waukesha
Dan Hellenberg, Air Management, Milwaukee
Muhammed Islam, Air Management, Madison
Dennis Koepke, Air Management, Madison
Jessica Lawent, Air Management, Milwaukee
Jessica Laub, Air Management, Milwaukee
Jerry Medinger, Air Management, Milwaukee
Greg Swanson, Communication and Education, Madison
Anne Urbanski, Air Management, Madison
Administrative Support
Laurel Steffes, Director, Bureau of Communication and Education
Lloyd Eagan, Director, Bureau of Air Management
Wendy Weisensel, Section Chief, Bureau of Communication and Education
Michael Scott, Bureau of Legal Services
Richard Straub, Bureau of Finance
Discovery World, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Paul Krajniak, Executive Director
Steve Atwell, Development Director
Ford Motor Company
Special thanks to Jim Butler, Todd Fronckowiak, Peg Gutmann, and Brian Rippon for content review and technical assistance!
Life on the Road
Special thanks to Joel Berens for the creation of teacher materials!
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Chuck Rhodes, Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Program
Wisconsin Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (WDTSEA)
Kevin Kirby, President
Joel Berens, President – Elect
Randy Theil, Advisor