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Instructions for installing XRT upgrade, version 1.1:

Important: You must have the XRT program already installed on your computer in order for the patch to work. If you do not have a CD already, order your free copy today and return to the web site when you are ready to install the program.

Version 1.1 has more power-ups, a faster quiz section, and provides the highest quality XRT player experience. This is not a complete version of the game. Instead, it is a patch that will install on top of the already installed XRT game.

After installing XRT onto your computer, please follow the directions in order to upgrade to version 1.1. To install the patch, you will need to download the patch executable file (2.1meg) for the PC or the zipped patch file (3.05meg) for the Mac.

When you select the patch file, depending on the security settings of your Web Browser, you will be asked if you would like to either run or save the file. If you select run, the patch process will start once the file has been automatically downloaded. If you choose save, you will need to execute the patch file in the location on your hard drive where you saved it. For example, if you saved the file to your desktop, you can just double click on the file and the patch process will begin. If you saved the file to another location, you will need to find it using Windows Explorer.

After the patch file has finished installing, you will be able to run the upgraded version of XRT as you did before, either by double clicking on the desktop shortcut, or by selecting it from the start menu.

If you have any problems, please email DNRAirEducation@wisconsin.gov.


In some cases, XRT may not perform to the standard you were expecting. In almost all of these cases, this is due to one of two reasons:

  1. The target machine does not meet the minimum specification required by XRT.
  2. The target machine does not have current drivers and updates installed.

We suggest that you make sure all your drivers on your machine are current. Check with your hardware and operating system vendor(s) to make sure these drivers are in place.

With this approach foremost in mind, there are a few points you may incorporate to enhance your XRT experience:

  • Turn exhaust to OFF in the options dialog. This will help on performance speed.
  • Use the arrow keys to scroll through the environments, as compared to the scroll arrows shown on screen.
  • While in any one of the environments, work with the pause button. Pausing the simulation reduces the hit on the processor. Once a good amount of traffic has build up in the environment, pause the simulation and make your adjustments from there. This is good advice regardless of performance!

Known areas of performance lag

  • The ATI Radeon video card found in some older Macs performs at a slower frame rate than relatively newer Macintoshes installed with the NVidia GForce card.
  • Some graphic cards in some laptops may not be able to accurately display some of the animations found in XRT. In some rare cases, you will see a black box around a few of the areas in the game. While this is unsightly, the appearances of these boxes do not interfere with the playing of XRT. You should check with the hardware manufacturer of your graphics card and make sure you have the most recent drivers for the card installed.